Mobileye: Tokyo, Shanghai, Detroit, Munich

Mobileye, the global leader in advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving technologies, has established itself as a prominent player in the automotive industry. With offices in Tokyo, Shanghai, Detroit, and Munich, Mobileye has strategically positioned itself to tap into key markets and collaborate with leading automakers worldwide. This article delves into Mobileye’s presence in these four cities and explores the company’s efforts to revolutionize the future of transportation.

Tokyo: Pioneering Safety Solutions

Mobileye’s Tokyo office serves as a hub for innovation and collaboration with Japanese automakers. Japan has long been at the forefront of automotive safety technology, making it an ideal location for Mobileye’s operations. The company’s cutting-edge ADAS solutions have gained significant traction in the Japanese market, with several major automakers incorporating Mobileye’s technology into their vehicles.

One of Mobileye’s notable achievements in Tokyo is its collaboration with Toyota. The partnership aims to develop and deploy advanced safety features in Toyota vehicles, including pedestrian detection, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control. By leveraging Mobileye’s expertise in computer vision and artificial intelligence, Toyota aims to enhance the safety of its vehicles and reduce the risk of accidents on Japanese roads.

Shanghai: Accelerating Autonomous Driving

China, with its rapidly growing automotive market and strong government support for autonomous driving technologies, presents a significant opportunity for Mobileye. The company’s Shanghai office focuses on research and development, working closely with Chinese automakers to advance autonomous driving capabilities.

Mobileye’s collaboration with Chinese automaker NIO is a prime example of its efforts in Shanghai. Together, they are developing a self-driving system that combines Mobileye’s cutting-edge technology with NIO’s expertise in electric vehicles. This partnership aims to bring autonomous driving to the Chinese market and contribute to the country’s ambitious goal of becoming a global leader in autonomous transportation.

Detroit: Partnering with American Automakers

As the heart of the American automotive industry, Detroit plays a crucial role in Mobileye’s operations. The company’s Detroit office focuses on collaboration with leading American automakers, including General Motors (GM) and Ford, to integrate Mobileye’s ADAS technology into their vehicles.

Mobileye’s partnership with GM is particularly noteworthy. Together, they are developing a state-of-the-art driver-assistance system called Super Cruise, which enables hands-free driving on highways. Super Cruise utilizes Mobileye’s advanced computer vision technology to ensure safe and reliable autonomous driving experiences. This collaboration highlights Mobileye’s commitment to working closely with American automakers to shape the future of mobility.

Munich: Advancing European Mobility

Mobileye’s Munich office serves as a key center for research and development in Europe. With Germany being a hub for automotive innovation, Mobileye’s presence in Munich allows the company to collaborate with European automakers and contribute to the advancement of autonomous driving technology in the region.

One of Mobileye’s notable collaborations in Munich is with BMW. Together, they are developing a scalable autonomous driving platform that will be utilized across BMW’s vehicle lineup. This partnership aims to bring highly automated driving capabilities to BMW vehicles and pave the way for future mobility solutions in Europe.


Mobileye’s presence in Tokyo, Shanghai, Detroit, and Munich highlights its global reach and commitment to revolutionizing the automotive industry. By strategically positioning itself in these key cities, Mobileye can collaborate closely with leading automakers and tap into diverse markets. From pioneering safety solutions in Tokyo to accelerating autonomous driving in Shanghai, partnering with American automakers in Detroit, and advancing European mobility in Munich, Mobileye is at the forefront of shaping the future of transportation. With its cutting-edge ADAS and autonomous driving technologies, Mobileye continues to drive innovation and enhance the safety and efficiency of vehicles worldwide.

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