Larry Bird Signed Card: A Valuable Collectible

Larry Bird Signed Card: A Valuable Collectible

Larry Bird Signed Card: A Valuable Collectible

Larry Bird, a legendary basketball player known for his exceptional skills and competitive spirit, continues to captivate fans and collectors alike. As one of the most iconic figures in NBA history, Bird’s memorabilia holds significant value, with his signed cards being highly sought after by enthusiasts. In this article, we will explore the allure of a Larry Bird signed card, its value in the market, and the reasons why collectors consider it a valuable addition to their collections.

The Value of Larry Bird Signed Cards

Larry Bird’s signed cards hold immense value in the sports memorabilia market. The rarity and demand for these cards contribute to their high prices. Graded versions of Larry Bird cards have been known to sell for substantial amounts, with some PSA 9 graded cards fetching around $1,300 [1]. The scarcity of these cards, coupled with Bird’s status as a basketball legend, make them highly desirable among collectors.

One notable example is the 1980 Topps Basketball Larry Bird Magic Johnson RC Rookie Julius Erving HOF PSA 8 card, which recently garnered significant attention on eBay. With 38 bids, this card reached a price of $2,425, attracting 109 watchers [1]. Such instances highlight the fervor surrounding Larry Bird’s signed cards and the premium collectors are willing to pay to acquire them.

12 Valuable Larry Bird Cards from 1980-1993

When it comes to collecting Larry Bird cards, there are several notable options worth considering. One such card is the 1980 Topps Scoring Leader, featuring Bird alongside Julius Erving and Magic Johnson [3]. This card holds historical significance as it showcases three basketball legends who dominated the game during that era. The rarity and historical value of this card make it an appealing addition to any collection.

Another noteworthy card is the 1986 Fleer Larry Bird card. This card represents a pivotal year for Bird, as he won his third consecutive NBA Most Valuable Player Award and led the Boston Celtics to their third championship victory [4]. The significance of this card lies in its association with Bird’s remarkable achievements during that season, making it highly sought after by collectors.

Factors Influencing the Value

Several factors contribute to the value of a Larry Bird signed card. The condition of the card plays a crucial role, with cards in excellent condition commanding higher prices. Additionally, the scarcity of a particular card affects its value. Limited edition or rare cards tend to be more valuable due to their exclusivity and desirability among collectors.

The autograph’s authenticity is another critical factor influencing the value of a signed card. Collectors prefer cards with authenticated signatures, as they provide assurance regarding the genuineness of the autograph. This is especially important in the case of high-value collectibles like Larry Bird signed cards.


Larry Bird’s signed cards hold immense value in the sports memorabilia market. The rarity, demand, and historical significance of these cards contribute to their high prices. Collectors are willing to pay a premium to acquire these valuable pieces of basketball history. Whether it’s the iconic 1980 Topps Scoring Leader card or the 1986 Fleer Larry Bird card symbolizing his remarkable achievements, each signed card represents a unique piece of Larry Bird’s legacy. As long as Bird’s legacy endures, his signed cards will continue to be cherished by collectors worldwide.

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