Asonta Love during Lockup Dead

Asonta Love during Lockup Dead

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world was not only confronted with a health crisis but also with the intricate nuances of human emotions. As nations enforced lockdowns to curb the spread of the virus, individuals found themselves navigating through uncharted territories, grappling with isolation, uncertainty, and loss. Among the myriad of challenges posed by the pandemic, perhaps none were as poignant and profound as the experience of love amidst lockdown-induced separations and even death. In this article, we delve into the concept of love during lockdown, particularly exploring the phenomenon of “asonta” love—the love that persists even in the absence of physical presence or through the pain of loss.

The term “asonta” derives from the Bemba language of Zambia, encapsulating the essence of a love that endures beyond physical boundaries. It signifies a love that transcends distance, time, and even mortality, resonating deeply with the collective human experience during the lockdown period. As families were separated, couples were distanced, and loved ones succumbed to the virus, the resilience of asonta love became a beacon of hope amidst the darkness of despair.

Love in the Time

For many, the lockdown brought about a newfound appreciation for the intangible aspects of love—the bonds that sustain us even when we cannot be physically present with those we cherish. Couples separated by miles found solace in virtual connections, leveraging technology to bridge the gap imposed by social distancing measures. Video calls, virtual dates, and heartfelt messages became lifelines, reaffirming the strength of emotional connections in the face of physical separation.

However, the concept of asonta love extended beyond romantic relationships, permeating through familial ties and friendships as well. Grandparents isolated in nursing homes found comfort in the sound of familiar voices over the phone, while friends separated by lockdown restrictions strengthened their bonds through shared experiences of resilience and support. In these moments of separation, love manifested not through grand gestures but through the simple act of being there, albeit virtually, for one another.

Navigating in the Shadow of Loss

Yet, amidst the backdrop of asonta love’s resilience, the specter of loss loomed large. Many families experienced the agonizing pain of losing loved ones to the virus, often without the opportunity to say goodbye in person. The inability to hold traditional funeral rites and grieve collectively compounded the anguish, leaving a profound void in the hearts of those left behind. In the face of such profound loss, asonta love served as a beacon of hope, guiding individuals through the darkest depths of grief.

In the absence of physical presence, memories became sacred treasures, cherished and held close to the heart. Virtual memorials and online gatherings provided solace to grieving families, offering a sense of community and support in times of profound sorrow. Through shared stories and reminiscences, the spirit of the departed lived on, woven into the fabric of asonta love that bound families and communities together.


As the world grappled with the ramifications of the pandemic, the concept of asonta love emerged as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. It underscored the intrinsic need for connection, empathy, and compassion, transcending the barriers of distance and adversity. In the crucible of lockdowns and loss, love endured—not as a fleeting emotion but as an immutable force that defied the constraints of time and space.

Looking ahead, as the world slowly emerges from the shadow of the pandemic, the lessons of asonta love remain etched in the collective consciousness. It serves as a poignant reminder of the fragility of life, the importance of cherishing moments of togetherness, and the enduring power of love to sustain us through the darkest of times. As we rebuild and redefine our lives in the aftermath of the pandemic, may we carry forward the spirit of asonta love—a beacon of hope, resilience, and unwavering devotion in a world forever changed by the trials of lockdown and loss.

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