The Human Gathering: A Real Conference or a Scam?

The Human Gathering is an organization that claims to host an exclusive invitation-only conference for executives, philanthropists, influencers, and other influential individuals. However, there have been questions raised about the legitimacy of this gathering, with some people wondering if it is a real event or just a scam to extract money from attendees In this article, we will delve into the details of The Human Gathering, examining its history, reputation, and credibility to determine whether it is a genuine conference or a fraudulent scheme.

History and Reputation:

The Human Gathering gained attention in 2017 when Forbes named it the No. 1 leadership conference to watch It was also praised by Paper Magazine as an “ultra-discrete community” that tackles significant global challenges These accolades helped establish the conference’s reputation and attract influential individuals from various industries.

However, recent reports have raised concerns about the credibility of The Human Gathering and its founder, Wesley Chapman. An article published by Business Insider shed light on Chapman’s questionable past and alleged web of lies. These revelations have cast doubt on the authenticity of The Human Gathering and its intentions.

Legitimacy and Scam Allegations:

To assess the legitimacy of The Human Gathering, we can turn to Scam Detector, a reputable fraud prevention platform. According to their evaluation, has a rank of 76out of 100, indicating that it is considered standard and fair. While this ranking suggests that the website is not inherently fraudulent, it does not provide conclusive evidence regarding the actual event’s authenticity.

Despite the positive ranking, there have been online discussions questioning the legitimacy of The Human Gathering. On Reddit, users have debated whether it is a real organization or merely a scam. Similarly, on Fishbowl, a professional networking platform, individuals have expressed doubts about the conference and its intentions These online conversations highlight the skepticism surrounding The Human Gathering and the need for further investigation.

Forbes Feature:

One aspect that adds to the confusion surrounding The Human Gathering is its feature in Forbes. In January 2023, Forbes highlighted The Human Gathering as a top 10 leadership conference. This recognition by a reputable publication may lend credibility to the event. However, it is important to note that Forbes’ feature does not guarantee the legitimacy of The Human Gathering. It is crucial to consider other factors and gather more information before drawing conclusions.


The Human Gathering is an organization that claims to host an exclusive conference for influential individuals. While it has garnered attention and recognition from reputable sources, questions about its legitimacy persist. Reports of the founder’s questionable past and allegations of scam-like behavior have raised doubts among potential attendees.

To determine the true nature of The Human Gathering, further research and investigation are necessary. It is essential for individuals considering attending the conference to exercise caution and conduct due diligence before committing any financial resources. As with any event or organization, it is advisable to seek out multiple sources of information and make an informed decision.

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