Series tiger global 137m wiggersventurebeat

Series tiger global 137m wiggersventurebeat

Series tiger global 137m wiggersventurebeat, a New York-based investment firm, has raised $137 million for Wiggers, a startup that offers a platform for creating and sharing interactive presentations. The funding round was led by Tiger Global and included participation from existing investors, including Accel. Wiggers was founded in 2018 by CEO Nick Macario and CTO Ryan Chartrand.

The platform allows users to create interactive presentations that include videos, images, and other multimedia elements. The company’s goal is to make it easier for people to create engaging presentations that can be shared with others. According to Macario, the funding will be used to expand the company’s team and invest in product development. “We’re excited to have the support of Tiger Global and our other investors as we continue to grow and improve our platform,” he said in a statement.

What sets Wiggers apart?

Wiggers is not the only company offering a platform for creating presentations, but it does have some unique features that set it apart from competitors. For one, the platform is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, even for those who are not tech-savvy. Users can drag and drop elements onto their slides and easily customize them to fit their needs. Another key feature of Wiggers is its ability to track engagement. Users can see how many people have viewed their presentations, how long they spent on each slide, and which elements were most engaging. This data can be used to improve future presentations and better understand the needs of the audience.

The future of Wiggers

With this latest funding round, Wiggers is poised for growth. The company plans to expand its team and invest in product development to continue improving its platform. It also plans to explore new markets and partnerships to reach more users. As more people turn to remote work and virtual events, the need for engaging presentations is greater than ever. Wiggers is well-positioned to meet this demand and help users create presentations that stand out.


In conclusion, Series Tiger Global’s $137 million investment in Wiggers is a testament to the company’s potential and the growing demand for interactive presentation platforms. With its user-friendly design and ability to track engagement, Wiggers is poised for growth and has the potential to become a leader in the space.

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