Reliable and Easy to Use

Reliable and Easy to Use

The MPK 20, also known as the Minipicker MPK 20, is a versatile mini crane that is widely used in industrial maintenance and glass handling applications. With a lifting capacity of 4,400 lbs and a maximum height of 27.5 meters, this small crane packs a punch in terms of performance and functionality. In this article, we will delve into the features and specifications of the MPK 20, exploring its capabilities and highlighting its benefits in various industries.


Reliable and Easy to Use

One of the standout features of the MPK 20 is its reliability and ease of use. Equipped with a manual steering wheel and a radio remote control for the crane, operators have the flexibility to choose their preferred method of control The manual steering wheel allows for precise maneuverability, while the radio remote control provides convenience and safety by allowing operators to control the crane from a distance.

The MPK 20 also comes with a 1100 lb searcher hook, which enhances its versatility. This hook can be used for various lifting applications, making the MPK 20 suitable for a wide range of tasks¬†Whether it’s lifting heavy machinery or handling delicate glass panels, the MPK 20 proves to be a reliable partner in industrial maintenance and glass handling.

Advanced Technological Innovations

Jekko, the manufacturer of the MPK 20, has incorporated advanced technological innovations into this mini crane. It is the sole telescopic crawler crane with an operator’s cab available on the market. This feature provides operators with a comfortable working environment and enhances their overall productivity.

The MPK 20 also offers extensible tracks, which allow for easy transportation and maneuverability in tight spaces. Whether it’s navigating through narrow corridors or accessing construction sites with limited access, the MPK 20’s extensible tracks make it a versatile and adaptable solution .

Furthermore, the MPK 20 is available with either a diesel engine or an electric motor, providing users with flexibility in choosing the power source that best suits their needs. This feature makes the MPK 20 suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, as it can be operated without emitting harmful emissions in enclosed spaces

Wide Range of Configurations

The MPK 20 offers over 50 configurations, allowing users to customize the crane according to their specific requirements ¬†Whether it’s adjusting the jib length or adding additional accessories, the MPK 20 can be tailored to meet the demands of different industries and applications.

With a lifting capacity of 3 tons in Pick&Carry mode, the MPK 20 is capable of handling heavy loads with ease. This feature makes it an ideal choice for construction sites, where materials need to be transported over short distances. The hydraulic jib of the MPK 20 can reach a maximum height of 27.5 meters, providing operators with the necessary reach to complete tasks at various heights

Application in Construction and Maintenance

The MPK 20 finds extensive use in the construction and maintenance industries. Its compact size and maneuverability make it suitable for working in confined spaces, such as building interiors or urban construction sites. The ability to extend its tracks allows it to access areas that are otherwise difficult to reach In addition, the MPK 20’s lifting capacity and versatility make it an excellent choice for various maintenance tasks. Whether it’s lifting heavy machinery for repairs or handling delicate glass panels during installation, the MPK 20 provides a reliable and efficient solution


The MPK 20 is a reliable and versatile mini crane that offers advanced technological innovations and a wide range of configurations. Its ease of use, lifting capacity, and adaptability make it a valuable asset in industries such as construction and maintenance. Whether it’s maneuvering through tight spaces or lifting heavy loads, the MPK 20 proves to be a powerful tool for various applications.

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