Professional Kitchen Chef Knife Review

Professional Kitchen Chef Knife Review

The professional kitchen chef knife combines the best features of fruit knives and vegetable knives: its filigree blade impresses even experienced chefs who are familiar with fine tools.

Different types and features

Professional kitchen chef knives are originally European tools, but Knife & knives craftsmen, with dedication worthy of a true, create these beautiful blades for aspiring chefs. They are specially designed for cutting medium-sized vegetables and fruits with soft “filling” and firm skin. There are only two main types.


These are the blades that all craftsmen make: a smooth handle that turns directly into a long straight blade (on average – about 12-15 cm), the cut part of which is pleased with a smooth, sharp turn. Another characteristic is the serrated edge, that is, not the classic straight line, but wavy, also called “serrated”.


Such kitchen knives for tomatoes are rare because of their low demand: they completely repeat the previous version, but with one modification: the blade is not sharp, but it quickly picks up the cut pieces. takes. Ends with a barbed hook.

When choosing such a knife, do not forget to look at the type of steel, the material of the handle, and the appearance of the blade. These parameters are also very important.

Enjoy Professional kitchen chef knives every day: reliable reliability combined with Japanese beauty and high functionality!

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