Darwin Deason: The Journey of a Billionaire Businessman

Darwin Deason: The Journey of a Billionaire Businessman

Darwin Deason, born in 1940, is an American billionaire businessman and political donor He is widely recognized for his role as the founder of Affiliated Computer Services (ACS), a global IT services and business process outsourcing company  In 2010, Deason sold ACS to Xerox for a staggering $6.4 billion, which made him the largest individual shareholder of Xerox at the time This article delves into Deason’s early life, his entrepreneurial journey, and his significant contributions to the IT industry.

Early Life and Entrepreneurial Beginnings

Deason’s journey began on a farm near Rogers, Arkansas, where he grew up  From an early age, he displayed a keen interest in technology and business. After graduating high school, Deason wasted no time and immediately moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams It was there that he laid the foundation for his future success.

The Birth of Affiliated Computer Services

In 1988, Deason founded Affiliated Computer Services (ACS), which would go on to become one of the leading IT services companies globally  Under his leadership, ACS expanded its operations to nearly 100 countries, offering a wide range of services such as IT outsourcing, data processing, and document management  The company’s success can be attributed to Deason’s visionary approach and ability to adapt to the changing needs of the industry.

A Game-Changing Acquisition

Deason’s entrepreneurial journey reached new heights in 2010 when he made a groundbreaking decision to sell ACS to Xerox for $6.4 billion This acquisition not only solidified Deason’s position as a prominent figure in the IT industry but also made him Xerox’s largest individual shareholder. The deal showcased Deason’s business acumen and his ability to identify opportunities for growth and expansion.

Philanthropy and Political Contributions

Apart from his business ventures, Deason is also known for his philanthropic endeavors and political contributions. He has been an active political donor, supporting various candidates and causes over the years Additionally, Deason has made significant contributions to educational institutions and charitable organizations, aiming to make a positive impact on society


Darwin Deason’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to his determination, vision, and business acumen. From humble beginnings on a farm in Arkansas to becoming a billionaire businessman, Deason’s success story is an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs. His role in founding Affiliated Computer Services and subsequently selling it to Xerox for a record-breaking amount showcases his ability to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the IT industry. Furthermore, Deason’s philanthropic efforts and political contributions reflect his commitment to giving back to society. Darwin Deason’s legacy as a successful entrepreneur and generous philanthropist will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact.


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