Bad trumpadjacent weirdos seth meyers

Bad trumpadjacent weirdos seth meyers

Late-night talk show host Seth Meyers has never shied away from political commentary, and his latest segment is no exception. Titled “Bad trumpadjacent weirdos seth meyers,” the segment takes a closer look at some of the more questionable characters in the Trump orbit.

The Segment

In the segment, Meyers highlights individuals who have been associated with President Trump in one way or another, but who have also been involved in controversial or questionable activities. From former campaign advisor Roger Stone to conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, Meyers pulls no punches in his assessment of these individuals. One of the main points Meyers makes is that while these individuals may not be directly tied to Trump himself, they are still part of his larger circle and therefore reflect on him and his administration. Meyers also notes that many of these individuals have a history of spreading false information or engaging in unethical behavior, making them particularly problematic.

The Impact

While Meyers’ segment is certainly entertaining, it also serves as a reminder of the importance of holding those in power accountable. By shining a light on these “bad Trump-adjacent weirdos,” Meyers is helping to bring attention to their actions and hopefully encouraging others to do the same. Additionally, the segment serves as a warning to those who may be considering aligning themselves with Trump or his administration. As Meyers points out, being associated with this group can have serious consequences for one’s reputation and credibility.


Overall, “Bad Trump-Adjacent Weirdos” is a timely and important segment that highlights some of the more unsavory characters in the Trump orbit. While it may be easy to dismiss these individuals as irrelevant or insignificant, Meyers’ segment serves as a reminder that they are part of a larger problem and should not be ignored. By holding them accountable, we can help to ensure that those in power are held to a higher standard and that our democracy remains strong.

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