Bad trumpadjacent weirdos delights meyers

Bad trumpadjacent weirdos delights meyers

Late-night talk show host Seth Meyers has made a name for himself by taking on the Trump administration and its allies. In recent years, Bad trumpadjacent weirdos delights meyers has become known for his scathing monologues and biting commentary on the political climate in the United States. One of the recurring themes on his show is the “bad Trump-adjacent weirdos” who seem to be drawn to the former president and his brand of politics.

The Appeal of Trumpism

Meyers has been particularly interested in exploring why some people are drawn to Trump and his message, despite his numerous scandals and controversial policies. He has pointed out that many of these individuals are not necessarily die-hard Republicans or conservatives, but rather are attracted to Trump’s persona and his promise to shake up the political establishment. One example of this phenomenon is Roger Stone, a longtime political operative and friend of Trump’s who was convicted of multiple felonies related to the 2016 election. Stone has been a frequent guest on Meyers’ show, where he has been grilled about his involvement in various scandals and controversies.

The Danger of Trumpism

While Meyers finds these “bad Trump-adjacent weirdos” entertaining, he also recognizes the danger that they pose to American democracy. He has been vocal about the need to hold these individuals accountable for their actions and to push back against the rise of authoritarianism in the United States. Meyers has also been critical of the Republican Party for its complicity in enabling Trump and his allies. He has called out GOP lawmakers for their failure to stand up to Trump and for their efforts to undermine the integrity of the 2020 election.


In conclusion, Seth Meyers’ coverage of the “bad Trump-adjacent weirdos” is both entertaining and informative. While he takes a lighthearted approach to these individuals, he also recognizes the serious threat that they pose to American democracy. By shining a light on their actions and holding them accountable, Meyers is doing his part to ensure that the United States remains a free and democratic society.

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